How do I Start a Blog?

Let me start by saying that it’s easy.  If you can use email, you can blog. There are lots of places out there to start a blog.  I’m only going to tackle

The Basics of Cloud Computing

Let’s talk about “the cloud” for a minute.  When I was a child, clouds were the fluffy white shapes in the sky that you could let your imagination run away with.  Actually

What The Heck is a “Hashtag”? –

For years, I thought that Twitter was just for narcissists.  I thought that all you found on Twitter were things like “I’m going for a pizza” and “selfies” – you know…. those

Facebook, Friends & Privacy Settings

Today, let’s talk about your friends list (or lists) and the privacy settings that allow you to have complete control over who sees the things that you post. The first screen shot

Personal Facebook Security – Part 2

Today we’re going to go a little deeper into the personal security settings that Facebook offers to your personal profile (Part 1 is here).  So, let’s click on that gear icon in

Personal Facebook Security – Part 1

Now that we have created a Facebook Profile, we’re going to delve into the security settings.  Ensuring that your Facebook page is secure is actually quite easy.  (click on any image to

Creating Your Personal Facebook Profile

Taking up residence on Facebook can be a little bit daunting, if not outright threatening.  As soon as you start posting on Facebook, you are on the world wide web.  For most

Facebook Groups vs. Facebook Pages

Facebook is more or less a threefold network. Profiles First of all, there is the personal profile.  This is you.  And according to Facebook’s terms of use, it had better really be

Hootsuite To Help You Stay Active On Social Media

How is it that some people manage to post to their Business Social Media profiles all day long?  I even have a few pages that I have liked that post pictures and

Pinterest – For My Business – Really?

Isn’t Pinterest just a bunch of recipes and crafts?  Really.  Pinterest is just a bunch of pictures of food and crafts.  Right? Wrong.  Pinterest, while primarily a visual site has rocketed to